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Php Vs. Ruby on Rails

PHP or Ruby on Rails: Which Developing Career You Should Pursue?

1994, the inception year of the PHP programming language. Yes, it has been here for such a long span of time. PHP is basically for web development and dynamic content. Coding for PHP relates to the HTML to entail the coder to change the content as per their needs.

Coming to ruby, it started in 1993 but was actually launched in 1995 as a scripting language. It is more powerful than the Perl along with being highly object-oriented compared to that with Python. Even though being in the market since such a huge time span, it was never able to gain that much attention. Now here we are making a comparative study of ruby on rails vs PHP.

It started getting popular post-2005 after it tied up with the rails. Ruby on rails is a language combined with a framework, whereas PHP is a stand-alone language.

If you are on the verge of career choice and not able to decide whether to opt for PHP training or to opt for ruby on rails training. Here is a comparative study of both of them. Check for yourself and decide which suits your skills the most.

PHP vs Ruby on Rails: What Is Better

1) Scalability

Both PHP and ruby on rails both have an equal ability of scaling. Well, based on the number of resources that ruby on rails uses compared to PHP, issues of scalability will start more early in the life cycle of your app. Scaling most probably on the designing of the mobile app.

However, being a developer if you don’t have enough knowledge or experience of scalability, there are sources available in PHP. Whereas coming to ruby on rails there is a very limited pool of information. This can be a drawback for ruby on rails and upper hand for PHP.

2) Web Hosting

There are plenty of web hosting companies that have support for PHP language. Whereas, ruby on rails gets support from the only Unix based server.

Taking this into consideration, we can say that PHP has a better chance from a web hosting perspective. Even ruby on rails apps are getting better with the introduction of Heroku.

3) Speed and Performance

There are no divergent ways to the fact that coming to the speed, PHP codes run faster than that of ruby on rails. What makes Ruby on Rails better is that you just need to code a few lines and you can complete your task.

Well, you can easily choose which one is better, the one with speed or the one with less effort and prompt work?

4) Framework

If we take PHP and ruby on rails for comparison from a framework viewpoint, there is a tie. Both PHP and ruby on rails have a great MVC architectural framework.

There is an array of a compatible framework like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Zend for PHP. Keeping the rails aside, even Ruby has great frameworks like Vintage and Sinatra. Hence, the conclusion is both are equally great.

5) Testing

Well, well, well, testing is a complex and complicated job when it comes to PHP and it is totally opposite with ruby on rails.

Developers are at ease for testing with the introduction of R-spec for ruby on rails. For PHP, it is the same with CakePHP, but by making certain changes in the code.

6) Memory Usage

PHP will utilize lesser memory space. This is by default as it doesn’t have any overhead of web framework. For Ruby on rails, they will take more space. This clearly means that PHP will be faster as compared with ruby on rails.

Well, the majority of the points are in the favor of PHP, but you can take your own call. Even if you are choosing PHP, you will need to indulge in the live project training in PHP to be a pro at it. 

Android Development Career

Why Should You Choose Android Development As Your Career Option?

With 2.8 million apps in the Google play store, Android app development has gained momentum and considered to be one of the best choices for a career. With the hyped usage of the Android device, this career has gained much popularity in the IT sector.

Well, of course, mere words are not enough to make you believe that it is a bright path to follow. If you are a third-year student with a dilemma is Android development a good career.

Let me introduce you to some of the strong points to help you make an informed and fair decision. Android is an open-source platform where each app is different from the other. This makes Android training mandatory before you get started. You can’t be an Android developer just because you wake up in the morning and you decide I will be a developer.

For following this track, you need to have basic knowledge of Java, Android software development kit and be able to work on the APIs. Not just that, little understanding of logical reasoning, analytical skills, and technical know-how are also must-have qualities for becoming an Android developer. 

Why Choose a Career In Android Development

Android Development Career

If you are devoid of all these things, but still have a passion to pursue this career. You can join one of the training institutes like Developers Academy. Get your mind filled with knowledge about the field and its practical implementation in real-time scenarios. Here are some of the reasons to make you believe you are following the right career path. 

1) Open Source Platform

 When you are talking about Android, we cannot omit the fact of it being the open-source platform. This is by far one of the biggest benefits of this platform. The developers of this league have creative freedom and aid in developing apps with more comfort and ease. Another benefit of this platform is liberal guidelines for the app submission. It’s perfect for startups and newbies to try their talent, skills, and luck and climb the ladder of success if things worked out. 

2) Attractive Package

No one is looking for a career choice that yields low revenue. If developing is your passion & worried about the revenue then you don’t need to worry at all. The IT industry is always ready to pay for the skills. Well, there is a pool of developers in the market and not all can generate their desired revenue. This is because of a lack of knowledge and skills. To avoid this scenario, enroll yourself for live project training in Ahmedabad and make yourself worthy to grab a great package. Start your Android app development career with the demanded skills. 

3) Lower Entry Barrier

The entry system of the Android market is liberal. There is this normal process, you need to register yourself on the Android market as a developer. Post that, frame your APK and then just submit. The approval process is simple and the charge is also low. 

4) Huge Market Share

The number of apps in the Apple app store is 2.2 Million and that of the Android Play Store is 1.8 Million. You can see the difference by yourself. Android has a vast market share, which keeps the doors of opportunities and users wide open. This is also one of the driving factors to diverge the ways towards the Android platform. So, the Android development career is the right choice.

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