Mitali Shah


After doing a project in this company my programming skills are greatly improved. The company always welcomes innovative ideas which allowed me think out of the box. I got to work on a real time project. The experience helped a lot in terms of industry etiquettes. I gained huge amount of knowledge about php and error solving. It helped to improve my logics also. There is a helping environment in the company. Students get good training. I would definitely recommend my friends to get project training in this company.

Bhoomi Ajugia


The supervision and support provided by the company was excellent. Our guide helped us through all the difficulties and was always ready to help. My experience as an intern was very good. I learned a lot under guidance of our project guide. The project we had undertaken was totally new to us because we were not entirely familiar with the technologies we used. But as the time passed we learned many new things and also get to know the work environment in the company. The superb and responsive technical support really helped us get going. They were genuinely interested in what we were doing and how we were going to do it. I would recommend them to anyone who is desperate to learn new things and building such applications.

Nirali Sheth

PHP-Tata Consultancy Services

Internship has helped to grow both personally and professionally. The depth of knowledge provided was excellent. And also professional etiquette and also professional environment. The experience at the company was great. Special thanks to our Project Guide for providing guidance. All Senior was very supportive and used to give prompt response for all the queries. Its really a good company to start your corporate career.

Harindra Pittalia

iOS-360 Degree Technosoft

It was good, I learned many things during project training and give my best to learn. The atmosphere was quite healthy to learn, all employees working over there always helped me whether they are from the field of objective c or not. They were always there for me and guided me when I did any mistakes. So it was the best training experience I ever had in my life. I have noticed one thing that employees working over there always ready to help each other and to solve the problems.

Ketan Mori

iOS-360 Degree Technosoft

When I was searching the companies for my last semester projects, I have visited so many companies at that time and one of my friend suggested to join Developers Academy, a venture of one of the most reputed IT company "360 Degree Technosoft" in ahmedabad. And Today I am happy with my decision to join this company. During my project training, It was awesome experience to work in this company and learnt many new things technically and non technically. Level of supervision was good and supervisors helped me everytime. Company's atmosphere is very good and help each other.

Rupal Thanki

Android-360 Degree Technosoft

Hi, I am Rupal, I heartily thank you Devs academy for giving me the Opportunity to start my corporate career and giving me the Job offer. Here I learnt different and lots of things during my internship like how to work with team, to manage time line of projects, How to solve problems, how to search the solution of problems and many more. The work environment is very motivating and seniors are very helpful.