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Best PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021

What are the Best PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021?

New Year brings new changes in the development. Mobile and web development has always been a field that needs constant changes and updates. Also, every developer must stay updated with the changing trends, learn a new skill set, and deliver their best. 80% of the programmers use PHP to develop their websites.

Plenty of popular websites are developed using PHP like Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Wikipedia, Flickr, and many more. PHP framework is the prime choice of every developer for creating a high-quality website.

Developing a website is complex especially when developers have to perform the same tasks monotonously. PHP framework helps to make those monotonous tasks easy and speedy. The framework offers different tools, products, and solutions to make the development process easier.

It is important to take proper PHP training from a reputed PHP training institute to master all the tools and deploy a great website. Learning PHP is easy if you learn from skilled trainers having immense experience in development.  

If you are looking to enroll yourself for a live project training to learn PHP, here are some of the best PHP frameworks to learn in 2021. Learn the best and make sure to learn it from the best.

Laravel Framework

It is an open-source framework that is free and easy to use. This platform has very high security. It also allows fast loading time for the users. This framework has a new and improved architecture with encrypted packets allowing the developers to create modern style web apps.

However, shared hosting could use some improvements. Also, there is difficulty in transferring the legacy system to Laravel.

Symfony Framework

It is an open-source PHP framework with libraries and components which you can also reuse. This platform is also stable and reliable. This is one of the reasons why most developers prefer this platform for development. This interface is very robust and has every feature that every web developer wants to create great websites.

Magento framework is customizable and performs every function in depth. There are some drawbacks as well like the app might perform slowly when many users login at the same time. Also, developers need to have in-depth knowledge of how this PHP framework works.

Laminas Framework

This framework was previously known as the Zend framework. Developers design this platform based on the MVC or model view controller pattern. It provides a collection of PHP packages that helps developers to deliver great web services and apps based on their user preferences.

Some of the best features include easy customization, easy set up of MVC app, cutting-edge front-end tools, and support for third-party components. However, the plug-ins are a bit expensive. Also, it is very important to take PHP training and learn the framework easily before putting it to use.

Magento Framework

The platform is very old and one of the most popular for developing eCommerce websites and mobile apps. The final output of this platform is very nice. This framework is very robust and has every feature that a developer needs. It offers ready-made templates that are easily customizable for making developers’ tasks easier.

Developers can perform tasks in-depth and saves plenty of time and energy in developing web apps. However, the platform is very expensive and has a long launching time due to multiple layers.

CodeIgniter Framework

Well, this PHP framework is also quite popular and the reasons are high speed and small footprint. Every PHP developer considers this platform extremely useful. Also, the developer’s community of this framework is enormously large which makes sure that if you are stuck with an issue, you will find a solution.

Some of the benefits include easy set-up, easy to extend and customize, have in-built security features, and contains small footprints. However, it lacks a collection of libraries and has poorly maintained codes.

FuelPHP Framework

This is also among the list of trending frameworks for PHP developers. The framework is simple, fast, and flexible. The framework has high-security levels and has plenty of template sets allowing developers to work on the project easily and efficiently.

It also has an active community to solve development issues easily and is integrated with the ORM Modular. However, the platform is not recommended for the new users, and the support system is slow as the framework is new and needs some updates and improvements.

Phalcon Framework

It is a full-stack development platform. Using it is really easy; you just need to rely on web server extensions. This will help developers reduce storage use, boost speed, and manage HTTP requests faster. This framework is very different from other PHP frameworks.

It has a fast interface, customizable with zephir, and a flexible project structure. Developers need to give root or administrative access to install phalcon. Also, there is a lot of complexity and it can be an issue installing and sharing the host.      

Wrapping Up

This was the list of some of the best PHP frameworks of 2021. Pick the best PHP framework, enroll at Developers Academy, the best PHP training institute and start with the development right away. 

Tips for PHP Beginners

Best Actionable Tricks & Tips for PHP Beginners

Many people say that PHP is a dead language. Well, is it really true?

That’s clearly a myth because every app needs backend and PHP is used in the majority of them.

So, how can the language be really dead?

In fact, it is in high demand and the demand is in constant rise. Web developers are swiftly moving to adapt and implement PHP.

Why not?

The benefits it offers are amazing and for beginners, there is nothing as simple and easy to start with as PHP. This is one of the core reasons more students are getting enrolled at PHP training institute and becoming a PHP developer.

Here are some of the benefits of PHP language:

  • Simple
  • Easy to learn
  • Flexibility
  • Open-source
  • Scalability
  • High security
  • Platform diversity

PHP is an open-source language and by this time created a vast and diversified community of developers. This makes it easy to solve errors and bugs with the help of the developer’s community. If you are one of the beginners, here are some of the tips you will need along the road.

Tips for PHP Beginners

1. Turn on Error Reporting Feature

Before you start a new project and development, it is important to turn on the error reporting feature. This is not just for the beginners to follow but also for the pro developers. By turning on this feature, during the entire production mode, you will get useful error messages instead of just a blank screen when there is an error.

This makes solving the error easier while running through the code. This makes development easier. Implementing this feature will save you from the trouble of going through thousands of lines of codes to fetch the error. Once you start writing long and complex codes, the error reporting feature will become a pre-requisite.

2. Know Security Practices

Every website and app needs to be developed with the utmost security. There are two basic security rules every PHP developer should follow.

  • Don’t trust any of the data other than the one received from your website or app.
  • Do not forget to escape the data before you decide to send it over to another app or website.

These two rules decide the building blocks for an app or website security. Beginner PHP developers must integrate it into their projects. A failure in escaping output might lead to security failure. Here are some of the easy solutions to avoid security breach:

  • Remove the quote mark
  • Escape the quote mark
  • Try using a built-in feature to protect against the quote mark
mysql_real_escape_string ()

Check out this code and learn where to place it on your website or app. If you want to be perfect at PHP development and create fully secure apps and websites, it’s advisable to join a live project training institute and learn before you implement it in real life.

3. Sketch Your Code

What exactly you want from your code? The code to work flawlessly. Am I right? Well, to make that happen and make it easy, start with sketching the code at first. Before you jump directly into development, you can create a sketch of your code and data structure.

This will give you a basic idea of how your interface is going to look before you even start the development. When you start to sketch, give a thought about this.

4. Stay Updated Always

PHP language has been in the market for many years. Over the years, it receives several updates. Whether you are a beginner or you are an expert PHP developer, you need to stay updated with any new updates that come into the market.

If you intend to be a good PHP developer, you need to learn all the updates of the technology. When you know the updates, you can find the best ways to code your project. Know, read, learn, and implement every nuance entering the PHP field.

5. Create a Vast Library

Classes, functions, constants, and interfaces consist of the PHP vocabulary. These are the key factors used in expanding the functionality of websites, web pages, and applications. Mastering all these will help a fresher PHP developer to improve their coding experience and be better at they do. Increasing vocabulary not just assists in completing repetitive chores but also helps in adding unique features to your project.

You can try using PHP.net which has an extensive manual to improve and increase your vocabulary and better understand the language. It covers everything from the basic syntax to supporter protocols. A good vocabulary is a key ingredient to become a skilled PHP developer. For better PHP learning, keep referring to the manual regularly.

6. Create a Master File

One of the key ingredients of a good developer is that they keep everything stored in one single place. This simplifies coding and makes it easier for the developer to look for things. You can associate the file with different scripts of PHP and maintain it.

7. Code and Comment

New developers believe that comments are the least thing for them to worry about. However, it is a really good habit to comment while coding. This will help the developers to remind them when they mess up and want to debug. You need to be attentive and careful while commenting on the code. Comments within the codes will work as a reference when forgetting the piece of code.

8. Use OOP

OOP stands for object-oriented programming every developer should know about and also be familiar with it. This feature helps the developers to skip those codes which keep on repeating. It is time-consuming and monotonous. It helps to develop complex reusable websites and apps which would take more effort, resources, and time otherwise if followed a procedural approach.  

Wrapping Up

So, follow these tips and you will gradually you will turn from a fresh developer to a great developer. To be best at what you do, it’s better to opt for PHP training in Ahmedabad and learn things perfectly.  

Top PHP Development Tools

Top 5 PHP Development Tools Every Developer Must Know

PHP is the 7th most widely used programming language globally and 5th most popular language in India. This makes PHP in the group of must learn languages. It is usually said PHP is an easy language to learn and start the development with. However, it is not that easy to master. It requires experience and PHP training from the experts.

If you a newbie or you are already a developer looking to upgrade your skillset, Developers Academy-top PHP classes in Ahmedabad is the place you are looking for.

PHP is the fastest and most widely used server-side scripting language used for building websites and apps. This is why the majority of the developer prefer it over other programming languages. It offers varied detailed documentation, an active and large community, ready to use scripts, and plenty of tools to increase efficiency.

So, before you jump into learning it, here are the top 5 PHP tools you should know to be an efficient developer.

Top PHP Development Tools

1) PHPStorm

This tool is written in Java and developed by JetBrains. The tool is considered to be one of the best IDE for developing websites using PHP. It blends well with most of the PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Yii, CakePHP, and Zend. It also works well with CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. This integrated development environment also avails live editing support for top frontend technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS along with features like code refactoring, debugging, and unit testing. The developers can also integrate with databases, have a remote deployment, version control system, composer, command-line tools, and rest client.


  • Code completion.
  • Code re-arranger.
  • Native Zencoding support.
  • Zero-configuration debugging.
  • Extension support with plugins.

2) Zend Studio

A plethora of developers prefers this tool for the speed it offers. Writing code and debugging it in the Zend won’t ask for any added effort and time from the PHP developers. One of the best parts of learning Zend from your PHP training classes is that it supports PHP 7 and enables the developers to debug PHP scripts by integrating Zend debugger, X-ray, and Xdebug. It has PHP IDE accompanied by a set of features and the ability to deploy apps on multiple servers along with servers in the Cloud. There is also an option to extend this tool through the Eclipse Plugin.


  • Docker support.
  • Eclipse plugin support.
  • Search and index PHP code.
  • Fast and efficient validation.
  • Support for Joomla and WordPress.

3) NuSphere PHpED

NuSphere is a US-based software development company that designed the PHpED tool for web development. It is a PHP editor tool that supports both local and remote projects and can be integrated with MVC frameworks as well. The code insight, database client, and PHP debugger makes the entire PHP app development process less complex. Also, the PhpExpress and PHP accelerator speed up the process to ensure on-time deployment. It gels well with popular frameworks like Zend, Laravel, and Yii.


  • Dynamic syntax highlighting.
  • Docker support and Git Flow.
  • Hiding and displaying certain parts of the file.
  • Parallel debugging.
  • Complete integration with PHPUnit.
  • PHP code refactoring.
  • Support for composite file extension.

4) Netbeans

Netbeans is written in Java but it does support multiple other languages like HTML5, C/C++, and PHP. The current version of the tool is fast and light-weighted making the development easy and fast for the developers. It supports the concept of modular development. It is the preferable choice of developers when it comes to developing large scale apps using multiple languages like English, Russian, Brazilian, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, and simple Chinese.


  • Smart code compilation.
  • Support for embedded apps.
  • Auto-generation for getter and setter.
  • Syntax highlighter.
  • Code formation and folding.
  • Try/catch code completion.

5) Eclipse

When you digitally look for the best PHP development tools, you will find this one in most of the results. This tool is popular, reliable, and chosen by plenty of PHP training institutes to teach and PHP developers to learn and integrate into their development process. The developers have the freedom to choose from a wide range of plugins making the coding easier and flexible. It also allows to customize and extend the IDE according to the need of the project. It is the best choice when it comes to dealing with large scale PHP projects. The cross-platform PHP editor can support both GUI and non-GUI apps.


  • Code templates.
  • Automatic error reporting.
  • Seamless tool integration.
  • Content assist.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Code formatting.
  • Code navigation.

Wrapping Up

If you already know above-mentioned tools, you are already a pro. However, if you are looking to learn and master these PHP development tools, Developers Academy is the best place.

Hiring Guide For iOS Developers

2019’s Hiring Guide For iOS Developers

The two biggest OS we have at present are Android and iOS. Android grabs the top spot while iOS is second. When it comes to grabbing the market share, iOS might be second but the ones intend to make profit chooses iOS. There is a very strong reason behind choosing iOS for profit making. It targets mainly to the high-income nations like Europe and North America. Also, iOS apps tend to earn 75% more than that of Android apps. This is noteworthy for the iOS app development companies and also for the students looking to join the iPhone training institute.

There is also extra ease when it comes to development. The device fragmentation in case of iPhone is way lesser than Android. iPhone apps are developed in Xcode IDE with Swift or Objective-C with a limited set of Apple devices to comply with and a universal UI. All of these things are great for becoming an iOS developer but the most important one is the salary package.

Let me show you the average salaries of iPhone developers in different locations.


Place Salary
New York $121,297
Washington $118,205
Texas $108,622
California $127,756
Maryland $124,032
Colorado $107,217
Washington DC $106,832
Massachussets $107,464
Arizona $98,678
Florida $94,644
Illinois $98914
Pennsylvania $101,094
Georgia $93,253
Michigan $87,793


Monthly and Annual Salary of iOS Developers

Salary of iOS developers

The packages are really astonishing. Now, getting hired at any of the top iPhone app development company is not the only way to generate revenue. Freelancing is also a great way to make some attractive money.

On average, the per hour rate of the freelance iOS developer is $66. This was the average of different countries. Now, the developers from nations like New Zealand, Australia, North America, and Western Europe can earn like $100 per hour. The monthly salary will be $10,560 based on the fact that the developer works 40 hrs a week. This makes the annual salary to be $126,720.

So, the developers can make money from two ways separately and also both ways simultaneously. It is believed that India has a pool for IT talent and the labor is also affordable. Hence, there are plenty of countries looking to outsource their projects to Indian iOS developers. So, if you want to make money, this is the right career choice for you.


iOS Developer Community And Support

There is a strong and active community of iOS developers. They are all active for passing on the latest news, knowledge about trending technologies and tools, problem-solving, questions and answers and every such thing related to iPhone app development. There is an iOS developer slack community with 20,000 members passionate about iOS app development. Also, there is Apple Developer Forum, MacRumors Forum, iOS developer forums, iPhone Dev SDK, and many others. This means whenever any issues arise, it has a stable community to work on it and come up with its solution.

How To Get Hired?

The attractive package will come your way only if you offer something they cannot deny. To be a great developer, you need to enrol yourself at one of the top iPhone training institutes. Learn and implement things, gain a little experience and you will be ready.

Interview Questions To Be Prepared Of:

  • What is the latest iOS version you have worked on and why do you use it?
  • Do you know about method swizzling in Objective-C and whether you use it?
  • What is the correct way of memory management in iOS?
  • What’s the difference between KVO and Delegate?
  • Definition and use of blocks.
  • Can you work with Swift Programming language?

I think every single about becoming an iOS developer is covered. You need to start taking the baby steps.

Skills Are Needed To Be A Developer

What Set OF Skills Are Needed To Be A Developer?

Becoming a developer is not an easy peasy job. Before you signup for this job, evaluate yourself. Whether you have what it takes to become a developer and you can do the proper justice to the job or not, and if it’s a yes for consideration only then join a training institute. All you need a bright and shining future whatever career choice you make and not regret having chosen the bad one. To help you make the correct decision and save you from making a bad one, here are some of the skills needed to become an Android or iPhone app developer.

Essential Skills Of A Mobile App Developer

1) Basic Maths

I am not telling you to need to be the Aryabhatta when it comes to maths. However, you need to know basic maths for learning and integrating development. If you want to pursue mobile app development as a career, you need to have a basic understanding of arithmetic and algebra.

2) Computing Confidence

You need to be technologically confident. Being a development means you are signing up to tie your hands around keyboard keys and eyes in the desktop. If you are slow or afraid of trying things with your computer, this might not be the job for you.

3) Searching Skills

Everything cannot be taught. Being a developer means you have to learn certain things yourself, search for the answers, and find your own errors. Google is right at our fingertips to search and get whatever we are looking for. However, there is a trick to find exactly what you are looking for and developers need to equip that searching skill.

skills of a mobile app developer

4) Trial And Error

Being a programmer means you are doing something and you will stumble upon something totally different and learn something entirely new. There are infinite ways to perform a single task and the curiosity of finding and learning new things without being stick to something you already should be there.

A developer should have that zeal inside them to try things, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. Opt for the Android or iPhone training program only when you have it inside you.

5) Stay Updated

Technology is an ever-evolving field. You just became an expert of something and soon that will no longer be in use. If this is a situation that frustrated you, don’t even say hello to being a developer, straight away say goodbye. You never know when will Kotlin be in trend and Java out and you cannot predict when it is Swift that has swiftly taken over Objective C. If you are always on the toes to learn new things, implement them at a faster pace and not complain about it, you are perfect to be a developer.

6) Good Writing Power

Coding needs to be written which makes writing skills one of the most important ones. Also, there would time when the developer has to make the client understand their work to the client. Now, the clients might not be technically sound and hence developer needs to have good writing and communication skills to make them understand.

Php Vs. Ruby on Rails

PHP or Ruby on Rails: Which Developing Career You Should Pursue?

1994, the inception year of the PHP programming language. Yes, it has been here for such a long span of time. PHP is basically for web development and dynamic content. Coding for PHP relates to the HTML to entail the coder to change the content as per their needs.

Coming to ruby, it started in 1993 but was actually launched in 1995 as a scripting language. It is more powerful than the Perl along with being highly object-oriented compared to that with Python. Even though being in the market since such a huge time span, it was never able to gain that much attention. Now here we are making a comparative study of ruby on rails vs PHP.

It started getting popular post-2005 after it tied up with the rails. Ruby on rails is a language combined with a framework, whereas PHP is a stand-alone language.

If you are on the verge of career choice and not able to decide whether to opt for PHP training or to opt for ruby on rails training. Here is a comparative study of both of them. Check for yourself and decide which suits your skills the most.

PHP vs Ruby on Rails: What Is Better

1) Scalability

Both PHP and ruby on rails both have an equal ability of scaling. Well, based on the number of resources that ruby on rails uses compared to PHP, issues of scalability will start more early in the life cycle of your app. Scaling most probably on the designing of the mobile app.

However, being a developer if you don’t have enough knowledge or experience of scalability, there are sources available in PHP. Whereas coming to ruby on rails there is a very limited pool of information. This can be a drawback for ruby on rails and upper hand for PHP.

2) Web Hosting

There are plenty of web hosting companies that have support for PHP language. Whereas, ruby on rails gets support from the only Unix based server.

Taking this into consideration, we can say that PHP has a better chance from a web hosting perspective. Even ruby on rails apps are getting better with the introduction of Heroku.

3) Speed and Performance

There are no divergent ways to the fact that coming to the speed, PHP codes run faster than that of ruby on rails. What makes Ruby on Rails better is that you just need to code a few lines and you can complete your task.

Well, you can easily choose which one is better, the one with speed or the one with less effort and prompt work?

4) Framework

If we take PHP and ruby on rails for comparison from a framework viewpoint, there is a tie. Both PHP and ruby on rails have a great MVC architectural framework.

There is an array of a compatible framework like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Zend for PHP. Keeping the rails aside, even Ruby has great frameworks like Vintage and Sinatra. Hence, the conclusion is both are equally great.

5) Testing

Well, well, well, testing is a complex and complicated job when it comes to PHP and it is totally opposite with ruby on rails.

Developers are at ease for testing with the introduction of R-spec for ruby on rails. For PHP, it is the same with CakePHP, but by making certain changes in the code.

6) Memory Usage

PHP will utilize lesser memory space. This is by default as it doesn’t have any overhead of web framework. For Ruby on rails, they will take more space. This clearly means that PHP will be faster as compared with ruby on rails.

Well, the majority of the points are in the favor of PHP, but you can take your own call. Even if you are choosing PHP, you will need to indulge in the live project training in PHP to be a pro at it. 

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