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Best PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021

What are the Best PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021?

New Year brings new changes in the development. Mobile and web development has always been a field that needs constant changes and updates. Also, every developer must stay updated with the changing trends, learn a new skill set, and deliver their best. 80% of the programmers use PHP to develop their websites.

Plenty of popular websites are developed using PHP like Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Wikipedia, Flickr, and many more. PHP framework is the prime choice of every developer for creating a high-quality website.

Developing a website is complex especially when developers have to perform the same tasks monotonously. PHP framework helps to make those monotonous tasks easy and speedy. The framework offers different tools, products, and solutions to make the development process easier.

It is important to take proper PHP training from a reputed PHP training institute to master all the tools and deploy a great website. Learning PHP is easy if you learn from skilled trainers having immense experience in development.  

If you are looking to enroll yourself for a live project training to learn PHP, here are some of the best PHP frameworks to learn in 2021. Learn the best and make sure to learn it from the best.

Laravel Framework

It is an open-source framework that is free and easy to use. This platform has very high security. It also allows fast loading time for the users. This framework has a new and improved architecture with encrypted packets allowing the developers to create modern style web apps.

However, shared hosting could use some improvements. Also, there is difficulty in transferring the legacy system to Laravel.

Symfony Framework

It is an open-source PHP framework with libraries and components which you can also reuse. This platform is also stable and reliable. This is one of the reasons why most developers prefer this platform for development. This interface is very robust and has every feature that every web developer wants to create great websites.

Magento framework is customizable and performs every function in depth. There are some drawbacks as well like the app might perform slowly when many users login at the same time. Also, developers need to have in-depth knowledge of how this PHP framework works.

Laminas Framework

This framework was previously known as the Zend framework. Developers design this platform based on the MVC or model view controller pattern. It provides a collection of PHP packages that helps developers to deliver great web services and apps based on their user preferences.

Some of the best features include easy customization, easy set up of MVC app, cutting-edge front-end tools, and support for third-party components. However, the plug-ins are a bit expensive. Also, it is very important to take PHP training and learn the framework easily before putting it to use.

Magento Framework

The platform is very old and one of the most popular for developing eCommerce websites and mobile apps. The final output of this platform is very nice. This framework is very robust and has every feature that a developer needs. It offers ready-made templates that are easily customizable for making developers’ tasks easier.

Developers can perform tasks in-depth and saves plenty of time and energy in developing web apps. However, the platform is very expensive and has a long launching time due to multiple layers.

CodeIgniter Framework

Well, this PHP framework is also quite popular and the reasons are high speed and small footprint. Every PHP developer considers this platform extremely useful. Also, the developer’s community of this framework is enormously large which makes sure that if you are stuck with an issue, you will find a solution.

Some of the benefits include easy set-up, easy to extend and customize, have in-built security features, and contains small footprints. However, it lacks a collection of libraries and has poorly maintained codes.

FuelPHP Framework

This is also among the list of trending frameworks for PHP developers. The framework is simple, fast, and flexible. The framework has high-security levels and has plenty of template sets allowing developers to work on the project easily and efficiently.

It also has an active community to solve development issues easily and is integrated with the ORM Modular. However, the platform is not recommended for the new users, and the support system is slow as the framework is new and needs some updates and improvements.

Phalcon Framework

It is a full-stack development platform. Using it is really easy; you just need to rely on web server extensions. This will help developers reduce storage use, boost speed, and manage HTTP requests faster. This framework is very different from other PHP frameworks.

It has a fast interface, customizable with zephir, and a flexible project structure. Developers need to give root or administrative access to install phalcon. Also, there is a lot of complexity and it can be an issue installing and sharing the host.      

Wrapping Up

This was the list of some of the best PHP frameworks of 2021. Pick the best PHP framework, enroll at Developers Academy, the best PHP training institute and start with the development right away. 

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