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Best Programming Languages for iOS App Development

Best Programming Languages for iOS App Development

iPhone has always been in trend for the tech town. More iPhone users mean increased demand for iOS apps. With increasing demand, there are a whole lot of people looking for iOS app developers to build trendy and successful apps.

Different developers use different languages to build their apps based on the categories of the app. For experienced developers, it’s easy to pick a language, master it, and get started on the development. This is not the case with new developers in the field.

New developers need little help and guidance to know and understand the programming languages for iOS app development. Let’s get started by listing out all the latest programming languages iOS developers can use to develop apps.


Objective-C was one of the oldest programming languages to develop the iPhone application. Plenty of senior developers have developed their best app using this language and gained expertise at this one. It is an object-oriented programming language that brings a flavor of Smalltalk to C programming language.

The key feature of Objective-C is message passing among the objects which are extremely helpful for the iOS operating system. The language is a superset of C programming language and delivers object-oriented abilities along with a dynamic runtime. It originally inherits the syntax, flow control statements of C, primitive types, and add up the syntax for defining class and methods.

Objective-C also delivers language-level support for object literals and object graph management. It also provides dynamic typing and binding along with several other responsibilities till runtime.


Swift is the latest programming language for developing iOS applications. It has now become the primary choice for iOS developers. Swift was developed and launched by Apple back in 2014 and now it has become one of the most trending languages and gained a lot of popularity in a short span.

The language can also be used for developing apps for macOS, tvOS, Linux, watchOS, and z/OS. The language provides modern features like safe, dynamic, extensibility, and safe binding.

Learning swift is really easy for the newbies if they join Developers Academy, the best iOS Training Institute. There are excellent developers to train the newbies and make them easily acquainted with all the languages.


The C# language was developed by Microsoft and launched in 2000. The language is very simple, flexible, modern, safe, and also open source. It is also one of the most versatile programming languages globally. It allows iOS developers to develop all kinds of mobile apps like consoles, mobile apps, web apps, windows apps, and backend systems.

C# is used to build Android or iOS apps by using Xamarin. Xamarin is a tool as a part of visual studio allowing the developers to write C# code compiled to native iOS and native Android binaries. The binaries function similar to any native app written using any other Android or iOS languages like Kotlin and Swift.

The best part about this programming language is that it allows the developers to build native mobile apps without having to take iPhone training or learning any new language. Gaining iOS training at first would be really helpful for the beginner developer. Before hitting the actual market, it’s better to get the right knowledge and practice.    


It is one of the most popular programming languages for developing iOS apps in modern times. Python is an open-source, general-purpose, and high-level programming language. It is basically a dynamic programming language that supports functional, imperative, object-oriented, and procedural development paradigms.

If you are looking for machine learning app development, python is the perfect choice of programming language. Developers would need to learn it and implement what they learn in their live project training. Python can be used to build functions, libraries, and back-end processing tasks for iOS apps.


C++ is one of the ancient and most popular programming languages of all time. The language is used to develop APIs and backend tasks. There are plenty of popular built-in C++ libraries available for iOS developers to make use of in the apps.


HTML5 when combined with CSS and other such technologies can be used to build great iPhone applications. Hybrid apps wrap around the browser control and make use of the CSS and HTML to render pages into the apps.

Wrapping UP

iOS has the world’s second-largest app store with high popularity and potential. This means there will be a high need for different languages developers can adapt based on their abilities and requirements.   

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