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Software Development Courses to Learn in 4 Months

Top 5 Software Development Courses to Learn in 4 Months

IT industry is one of the most booming ones. Even during this corona pandemic, IT is one sector that is not devastated, unlike several others. This makes the software industry very high in demand. Where people in other industries are losing their jobs or experiencing high salary cuts, the IT industry is standing still with their employees and getting new projects.

The work from home concept is working very strongly for software companies. More students are looking to join IT related courses and start a job in a sector that is in demand and yields high revenue.

There are several courses you can enroll in and become an expert in 4 to 6 months. Let me jot down a list of courses you can try as a beginner.

C and C++

C and C++ languages are important for everyone who is interested in programming. Anyone willing to build their career in the software industry must learn C and C++.

It’s the base for every programming language. The majority of the programming languages like C#, Java, or any languages are all inherited from C and C++. C++ is a multi-paradigm language that supports 7 varied styles of programming. Developers can pick any style of their choice.

It is also a general-purpose app which can be used for developing desktop apps, games, operating system, and many more. The speed and performance of C and C++ language is also very exceptional. The languages allow the developer to divide the complex problems into smaller chunks by using objects. It is easy for beginners to learn and lesser complex compared to languages like Python and Java.   


It is the foundation of all of the web pages. HTML shows the structure of the web pages while CSS defines the style of it. These are considered as the baby steps for designing your very first web page.

Both of these languages are beginner-friendly used for developing simple websites and portfolios. If you are looking to be a web designer, learning HTML and CSS is pre-requisite. Join a web design institute to get training and start your career as a designer.

HTML stands for hypertext markup language and CSS stands for cascading style sheet. Both these languages run the web. HTML works for including the raw content into the website by marking it up. While CSS is for formatting the marked-up content. HTML works in the backend to manage the website design where CSS works in the front end to make the design look appealing and attractive.

Both are equally important for the website design to look and work flawlessly. Learn from the expert web developers at Developers Academy. Get the proper training and placement opportunities and build a bright career.

Graphic Designing

One of the most essential career options in the software industry is of a graphic designer. They create the visuals of the website and mobile apps. They communicate the client’s ideas on digital screens. Any user who visits a website or an app, they lay their eyes on the design at first. If the design attracts them, they use it further and decide to become loyal users later.

To become a graphic designer, you need to learn website designing tools. The best tools to learn to design are Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. The tools are included are a part of training in the web designing course. You need to learn at least one of these tools to learn design and become a designer. Photoshop is easy to learn for beginners.

Designers need to have a sound knowledge of working with text, colors, combinations, fonts, placement, and stuff. This is a good career choice for you only if you have a creative mindset and technical know-how.

Android Development

Google Play Store is the largest store with 2.96 Million apps. This means the demand for android developers is high and will remain high. This makes android development an important career choice in the software sector.

Android development is not easy but with the right Android training institute and Android expert for guidance, you can learn development within 4 months. To become a good android developer, you need to learn the basics of Core Java, XML, JSON parsing, SQLite and shared preferences, Material design, Google APIs, and many more.

These are the basics of Android development. To become an expert, you will need a time of 6 months and gets advanced Android training including location and maps, notification methods and pickers, in-app purchase, social media integration, and tablet app development.

iOS Development

Apple app store is the second largest store after Google with 1.85 Million apps. iOS developers are very high in demand. Especially skilled developers are very rare.

So, if you can acquire the required skill you can create a successful career in the software industry with a good package. iOS training will also take around 4 months to get started as an iOS developer.

Here are some of the things to learn to get started with are basics of Objective-C, base of iPhone apps, database integration, XML and JSON parsing, navigation based apps, iPad compatible apps development, view based apps, text controls, and tables.

If you want to opt for 6 months iOS training program, you can learn advanced skills like Swift programming language, advanced SDK, social media integration, in-app purchase, and advanced iPhone functionalities.

Wrapping Up

So, which software course received your highest interest?

Make sure to pick the right IT training course relevant to your skills and interest. Evaluate your skillset and make your decision. Make sure to choose an institute that provides live project training. It is also an integral part of the training program whichever it is.

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