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Top 10 UI Designing Tools to Learn by Mobile App Designers

A successful app is nothing without a good design. Every top ranking app has a great design and very easy navigation. Good looking UI and simple UX is the basic rule of mobile app designing. But, designing doesn’t work by rules.

Does it?

It’s a creative and technical field. It works with unique ideas and top tools.

It’s very important for the designers to have a creative mindset, knowledge of trending tools, and technical know-how. If you are considering designing as your career choice then knowing the latest designing tools is mandatory. You can learn using these tools by enrolling at mobile app designing training classes.

Here is the list of top 10 UI tools every design must know about.

Top 10 Designing Tools

1) Adobe Photoshop

It is one of the most popular tools among developers. Photoshop is an image editing software compatible with two leading platforms windows and macOS. Learning the tool is neither too easy nor too difficult. The fact is that the basics of this tool are easy but when it comes to learning advanced, it is a bit tricky. If you are a developer, go on and check the free trial to know if this is the tool you want to start your designing career with or not. 

2) Sketch

The sketch is also a highly reputed designing tool. It is one of the most favorites among mobile app designers. Learning sketch is easy but if you want to master it, time and efforts both are highly needed. Not every designer can put their hands on the tool and use it to its core. The tool focuses on UI/UX design and allows the collaboration between the designer and the entire team much easier.

It provides various libraries allowing the designer to build and share a single source for designing components. The sketch is great for creating buttons, tabs, symbols, headers, and such other components. With advanced features of Sketch, the designers can work faster. The tool speeds up the entire workflow. It allows the designer to add data to the design and play GIFs in the project with lots of plugins available in the tool.  

3) Marvel

Marvel is also in the league of tools that has everything a designer needs. Designers can create a prototype, create the final design, and collaborate with the entire team to work on the project. One of the highlighting features about Marvel is that it allows the designer to sync their design with other tools like Sketch, Photoshop, and such others.

Mobile app designers add their designs from other applications to Marvel and make it unique. The tool allows both fresher’s and experienced both can use this tool to create unique mockups and assets. The tool is simple and easy to learn and use. 

4) Adobe XD

It’s an advanced app designing tool offering a quick way to create prototype, design, and share UI and UX. The tool allows the designer to shift quickly to prototype and from prototyping to actual design and then to the development.

It helps not just to design apps but to build interactive experiences for the users. It allows the designer to share the design in real-time with other team members. A single click can turn design to prototype and make things easier by having templates for web apps, smartphone apps, and tablet apps. 

5) Adobe Illustrator

The next tool in the list of top tools for designing is adobe illustrator. It is very popular among top designers for designing successful mobile apps. To be very honest, it is not easy to learn illustrator but it is definitely worth putting the efforts to learn it. It is compatible with macOS and windows.

It is a vector graphics app for developers. The software is quite mature and hence one of the favorites among designers. The tool is used to design logos, sketches, illustrations, videos, and typography. 

6) Mockups

Mockups are a simple but powerful tool compatible with Windows and macOS. Mockups tool allows the mobile app designers to create and link interactive elements and pages. The tool has a drag and drops features which makes prototyping easier.

Developers can create apps for desktop, web, and mobile. The tool provides plenty of handy plugins and icons for designing. It provides a free version with limited functionality. Try it now. 

7) Proto.io

It is a browser-based prototyping tool. The design will become much easier by using this tool. The best part about using this tool is it doesn’t need any coding knowledge. The user can just import their work from Photoshop or Sketch. Also, the users don’t need to install heavy software to use the tool.

Timeline feature can be used to build animations and show the app flow across different screens. The tool is comprised of plenty of features like multi-item edit, groups, layers, filters, color adjustment, dropbox sync, asset flow, offline mode, UI libraries, and many more. 

8) Invision

This is a tool that is created by the designers. This makes it very special; the one who is to use it has developed it themselves. The tool is considered one of the most powerful tools for UI design. The tool allows the designers to take their design a notch higher. The tool is not limited to testing visuals but also allows the wireframe to flow in a good manner. It has seamless navigation allowing the users to navigate the entire process in one place. 

9) Axure RP

The tool provides all the functionalities right from the start to the end. The designing tool allows the designer to create personas, flowcharts, graphical presentation, and much more. An interesting fact about Axure is that it allows coding and also permits ready to use libraries and components that help the user create great designs. 

10) Figma

It the first tool that allows collaborative UI. Figma helps its users to turn innovative ideas into real designs very quickly. It lets the user create a design with linked UI components that the entire team can use. It gives great control and a higher level of flexibility to the entire team. 


So, you know the best tools, its time you start learning one of them to start designing. Join a web designing course and get trained under the expert designers to be one of them. 

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