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Benefits of Choosing Android for Your Final Year Project

Why Android is Best for Your Final Year Project Development?

Android is easy, it is in demand, and it has vast developers community. Are these reasons enough to get started with your final year project development with Android?

Well, I suppose it isn’t.

You invest an ample amount of time in making your project. Also, you pursue a similar platform as your career option. This makes choosing the right platform extremely essential. 

You might not be able to do it all by yourself. The best way is to join a project training institute in Ahmedabad and create your project under the guidance of Android app development experts. 

One of the best things about choosing Android is that it has 3.8 Million apps and more keep on adding every day. This means there is heavy demand for Android apps in the market and people need it and use it. More apps mean a higher need for Android developers.

This means if you choose to become an Android developer, you will be in demand by the top Android app development companies. Also, the salary package would be attractive. 

Let’s check some of the prominent benefits of choose Android for your final year project:

Benefits of Choosing Android

1)   Leading App Store

There is no doubt that Android is the leading app store in the market at present. It has more apps compared to other existing app stores. Even though Apple is continuously in buzz but, when it comes to the leading store, the Apple store is way behind compared to Google Play Store. It has just 2.2 Million apps.

Also, the popularity of the iPhone devices might be very high but when it comes to selling, Android devices are sold and used more. More devices, more users, more apps, which definitely means a higher need for Android developers.

2)   Easy to Adapt

Students look for easy language and platforms to complete their final year projects. Android seems to be a perfect fit for them. To develop a project with Android, the students need to have basic knowledge of Java which is cherry on a cake. Students already have Java in their college and hence they have learned it. This helps them adapt to Android much easily. 

When it comes to iOS, the students need to develop their projects with Objective-C or Swift. Both of these are not in the college syllabus. Hence, it makes very difficult for the students to learn something that is entirely new.

Also, the students have limited time to complete the project and submit to the college. With some basic knowledge of Java, students will be able to complete the project easily and speedily.

3)   Flexible Surrounding

Android offers a flexible work environment to its developers. One of the best things about Android is that it offers an open environment that allows you to publish the data of one app and use it in other applications. In the case of iPhone apps, it puts certain restrictions that limit the developers to use one app’s data into another app.

4)   Compatibility

One application developed for one device works flawlessly on other devices manufactured by various other manufacturers. This means any Android app will run on devices of different sizes and different types.

If you develop your project with Android, it will work on more devices and hence have more users to install your app and more chances of it becoming successful. 

5)   Sell Your Project

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make some money from your first project? If you develop an app that’s good, you can sell it Android app development companies and make some money from it. 

6)   Launch a Successful Android App

One of the reasons you should opt for Android training and complete your final year project is to launch your own Android app and watch it become successful. The guidelines to submit an app to the Google Play Store are very liberal. This is why you can launch your app very easily and you never know your app might turn into the biggest trend of the year. 

7)   Market Demand

Android has a very high market demand which ensures the need for Android developers. If you choose to make your final year project training with Android, you will start and pursue your career with Android as well.

This means you will never be out of the job. The top companies would be looking to hire you and pay a handsome salary. Also, you will have an option to work as a freelance developer and make income on the side.

How to Finish Your Final Year Project Efficiently?

1)   Choose Your App Category 

The step for creating your app is to choose an app category. Don’t choose something difficult. It’s your first project. You would want to choose the best to learn and gain experience. But, you don’t want to get stuck with something very difficult that you cannot complete. So, start with simple.

2)   Choose Your Language

When you are developing an app with Android, you will have two languages to choose from. You can either choose Java or Kotlin language to develop your first app. If you choose Java, it would be easier as you must have learned in college.

On the contrary, Kotlin would be beneficial as it is announced as the official language by Google. So, Kotlin will be the one you would work with in the future. So, make your choice. 

3)   Install Android Studio

Android studio is a must to develop Android apps. So, install it in your system before starting your actual development. 

4)   Join Android Training Institute

Even though you want to you won’t be able to do it all on your won. It’s better if you join an Android training institute, take training, learn the basics and advanced of development, and complete your final year project. You will have experts to teach you the skills you need to become a talented developer. 

How to Find a Good Training Institute?

If you are looking for a live project training institute in Ahmedabad, Developers Academy is the one you should join. It has experienced trainers, provides live project training, certification, and guaranteed placement and job opportunities. 

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