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The hell-bent of a student to indulge in a training program is to learn how to execute the knowledge they have gained all these years. Its high time to convert the theoretical inputs to practical outputs. Well, the live project training will prepare you to learn techniques to outburst with bulk output within the limited time-frame along with looking forward to maintaining the proper design quality and with maintaining appropriate coding standard. This will help in enhancing the competence, performance, and intelligence of the candidate. If you are still wondering, is live project training mandatory or is it really going to help as described above, let’s scroll some of its astonishing benefits to get you the answer.

Benefits of Live Project Training in Ahmedabad

  • Boost Your Self-confidence.
  • Ingrain The Leadership Quality.
  • It will assist you in cracking the tough interviews.
  • It will hype the placement opportunities.
  • It will give you a competitive advantage among other candidates who are devoid of training.
  • It will polish your communication, logical and analytical skills.
  • It will introduce you to the culture of an IT company and help you learn work ethics.
  • It will teach teamwork.
  • Opportunity to learn from the trainers who are best in their fields.

What does Our Live Project Training Institution Impart?

1) Recruit the Fresh Talent and Groom them For the Best

To build a successful career, we always intend to be a part of the best IT companies. However, getting recruited in those isn’t easy, you need to have that talent, that skill set, that zeal to learn new things at a faster pace. We accept blank minds and our training will fill it with technical expertise.

2) Combining Skills With Opportunities

Right skills need to meet with bright opportunities to grow professionally. Developers Academy makes your knowledge rich. We also teach how to make the most of that knowledge when it comes to practical implementation. This makes you a complete package and when the opportunity strikes around, you are ready to grab it and prove you are the apt candidate to be selected.

3) Performance Evaluation

Our expert will evaluate the performance of the trainers during the course of training. Well, this evaluation has a purpose, a serious one. If you prove yourself to be competent enough and show you are a good learner, bang on!!! You can start your career right here with placement. So, our academy gives you the chance of being placed and giving your career a kickstart.

What Do We Cover in Our Training?

We are indulged in providing the training program in three categories:

1) PHP Training Program

PHP being open source and one of the easiest language to learn but you still need the training to sharpen your skills and don’t get dumbstruck when the situation comes. We teach CSS, HTML, Codeignitor, JavaScript, and MySQL with interactive sessions right at Developers Academy live with the experts.

2) Android Training Program

The number of apps in the play store is always ascending and so are the people making it. The number of Android developers is in abundance but highly efficient and skilled are scarce. Our Android training program will help you bridge the gap between being a good developer to a great one.

3) iPhone Training Program

You might be knowing a thing or two but we know it all and we are here to share that. iPhone app development has varied elements to try your hands on like Objective C, Swift and Xcode. From integrating designs to delivering coding, it's tough for a newbie to get it all in one go. Developers Academy imparts iPhone training that will uplift your dexterity

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